Breed Info



The goal of TSCA, Inc. is to place rescue Tibetan Spaniels into caring and loving environments and to enhance the love of the breed. TSCA commits to the following:

  • To educate the general public about the importance of researching any breed of dog before buying from a responsible breeder or adopting from a reputable rescue organization.
  • To make available information on the history and temperament of Tibetan Spaniels.
  • To educate on the importance of spaying/neutering all pets as it relates to overpopulation and health. To spay/neuter all dogs before placement in adoptive homes.
  • To take in Tibetan Spaniels that have no other place to live and place them with loving, lifelong, adoptive families.
  • To test each dog for temperament and to place the dog in a home suited to his temperament.
  • To carefully screen each potential adopter.
  • To take back any adopted Tibetan Spaniel anytime throughout the dog’s life if the adoptive home can no longer keep the dog.